Dentale Hypomineralisation

Raine syndrome is described as an inherited disease with recessive trait in Border Collies. 
The disease is characterized by symptoms similar to those found in craniomadibular osteopathy (CMO).
Affected dogs exhibit severe tooth wear resulting in pulpitis and the removal of most teeth. 
These symptoms result by hypomineralization of the teeth and weakened enamel. 
Skeletal bones can also be found to be less mineralized in these dogs. 



Recent DNA results show that in different lines, carriers, and unfortunately also affected dogs were produced.

You now have the opportunity to publish DNA results of your dogs to reduce the risk of developing this disease, and to support breeders in their future choice of suitable partners.

This database is kept private by us, and will be publicly accessible.

The database will from now on be updated as soon as possible, at least weekly.
If your data is still not entered after 14 days, please contact us to check whether the system has received your data. 

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Update 24.05.2021
new entry total: 14 + 1 added extra after Update / 15

Total 141 Dog's 116 Free / 23 carrier / 2 Affected
Update 08.05.2021
new entry total: 5

Total 126 Dog's 102 Free / 22 carrier / 2 Affected

Update 31.01.2021
new entry total: 3

Total 121 Dog's 99 Free / 20 carrier / 2 Affected

Dogs Name OwnerSireDamSexDobDNA Test ResultDate / Lab
Allclarity Matter of FactorAllclarity KennelsDelgany Factor Inth Moonlite
Allclarity Collectors EditionFemale17.10.2019
carrier03.01.2020 / Orivet
Allclarity Collectors EditionAllclarity KennelsDanari De BeersTehya Twilights Fire
Female22.04.2013Free14.02.2020 / Orivet
Allclarity All or NothingMoira BruceDanari De BeersTehya Twilights FireMale22.04.2013Free01.06.2020 / Orivet
Arajoel I Am Fire N FlameJessica MellonArajoel Uare LoganWottapud Merln ChockitaFemale25.12.14carrier19.03.2020 MyDogDNA
Aschanty Alpen Heart Tonka MohrBorderline Country RavelAllegra Belm z ChotnyeFemale29.8.14Free18.4.2019 AnimaLabs CROATIA
Aisknekht Especially For YouAnna BeckerTitanic at Real PearlAisknekht Bright BrilliantMale14.04.13Free21.02.2019 Laboklin
ATENA Stars Border ColliesSonja KnauffLocheil Firstclass MaleLocheil Dress To ImpressFemale12.09.12Free13.12.2018 / ???
Amazing Bob with surprise and funSandra SievertBayshore Avatar TobianoElaine with charme and clevernessMale18.06.12Free21.08.18 Laboklin
Arctic Gale Of Beyonic EyesLuc SmeetsWrangell Mountain's ZorroBorders at Work KilayFemale10.11.17
Free22.02.2018 EVG
Balmoral's Legacy of a Big StarTina Neel and Rich BrownRoughstock Chillin' It At CheckitoutBalmoral I'll Make A Coat Out Of YouFemale20.04.21FreeDate ? / Paw Print Genetics
Balmoral I'll Make a Coat out of youTina NeelZecara's Cooler than MeBalmoral's Better Than RevengeFemale21.09.15CarrierDate ? / Paw Print Genetics
Balmoral's Celestial Legacy
Dyellen McKay and Tina NeelRoughstock Chillin' It At CheckitoutBalmoral I'll Make A Coat Out Of YouFemale20.04.20CarrierDate ? / Paw Print Genetics
Brave Bond PintaditaDaria AlteHarper FerencikAstra LatikaMale08.07.18Free16.09.2019 Laboklin
Bojak Magik O MooseZillah HallKaeanda Rocq My DreamsTerra Bella Good Day SunshineMale10.02.15Affected10.03.2020 Orivet
Beautiful Insa of Pixies CroftElke ScheipersLocheil Reddy to RockThe Black Ridge Kennel Magic AmberFemale09.12.16Free07.03.2019 Laboklin
Briskness Jack Daniel'sSabina LähteenmäkiCovateco ThunderballBriskness GertrudeMale16.12.09
Free10.10.2018 Laboklin
Bordermania All Hell Breaks LooseAleksandra VlascicPikkupaimenen Great Pretender at LocheilNice of You to Come Bye Red RoseMale24.01.09carrier18.12.2018 EVG
Borderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideSonja KnauffTonkory Valley Of The StormFuturbe Charming Dreams of heavenMale28.10.11carrierEVG 06.12.2018
Borderline Country SolitairePernilla SonnleitnerBorderline Country O'ConnorBorderline Country LibertinaMale13.11.12Free11.2018 EVG
Beauly Firth Caol IlaNadine ThieleGrace of Angel´s Home Daily Joy of LifePure Passion of Maranns HomeFemale30.06.18Free22.10.2018 EVG
Bring Me Happiness Mystique RegniIwona ŚliwińskaYes I'm Ringgo Gasko PrimWindrift Ain't She SweetMale08.06.15Free24.08.2018 EVG
Blizzard Bo Of Beyonic EyesLuc SmeetsWrangell Mountain's ZorroBorders at Work KilayMale10.11.17
Free22.02.2018 EVG
Borders at Work TimLuc SmeetsBorders at Work ZacDerwen PeeweeMale17.12.15
Free27.09.2017 Genomia
Borders at Work KilayLuc SmeetsBorders at Work Sean
Borders at Work FlossFemale12.05.15
Free22.02.2018 EVG
Cwmberwyn HempMarie-Christine FelbermaierScottJillMale01.01.16Free10.03.2020 EVG
Calihills Love Hungry Man Reegan BevanWaveney Kozmic EclipseAllclarity California SparkleMale14.04.2020FreeOrivet Genetics, Australia
Clan-Abby Nz Royal TullySusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Dream LoverRoyal OZ Star O clan AbbyMale29.07.12Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Countess of mystic realms at real pearlZoë ReekmansHeronwood my cricket boyOnly you at real pearlFemale23.11.18Free08.10.2019 / ???
Charming Witch of BordertreoweAleksandra VlascicBorderline Country LeonardoAstonishing Abracadabra of BordertreoweFemale24.06.12Free22.02.2019 EVG
Crazy in Love at DreamborderCaren BockExtraordinary at Brainiac BordersBorderguard Someone Like YouFemale19.09.15Free12.02.19 Laboklin
Crazy Border's Nothing Else MattersJenice DeskinsZecara's Dive Into the SunATENA Stars Border ColliesMale07.05.17carrier28.02.2019 Genoscoper
Crazy in Love at DreamborderCaren BockExtraordinary at Brainiac BordersBorderguard Someone Like YouFemale19.09.15Free12.02.19 Laboklin
Cherusker KvikMarie-Christine FelbermaierJim ISDS 305215Greifental Kate ISDS 300528Female08.08.13Free18.12.2018 EVG
Crazy Border's MilanMagdalena FinnBorderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideLocheil Golden HighlightsMale24.02.17carrier14.12.2018 Laboklin
Crazy Border's Perfect Chance Of LifeSonja KnauffCrazy Border's HeartbreakerPiece Of Happiness AmyFemale02.07.18Free06.12.2018 EVG
Crazy Border's Proud To Be A Part Of LifeSonja KnauffCrazy Border's HeartbreakerPiece Of Happiness AmyMale02.07.18Free06.12.2018 EVG
Crazy Border's HeartbreakerStefanie SchwalbBorderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideAtena Stars Border ColliesMale28.02.15carrier14.08.2018 Laboklin
Crazy Border's HeartbeatMagdalena FinnBorderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideAtena Stars Border ColliesMale28.02.15carrier14.08.2018 Laboklin
Crazy Border's Now Or NeverSonja KnauffZecara's Dive Into The SunATENA Stars Border ColliesFemale07.05.17carrier06.12.2018 EVG
Crazy Border's MatildaSonja KnauffBorderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideLocheil Golden HighlightsFemale24.02.17Free06.12.2018 EVG
Christopher Open GateBlanka MalinskáBe Yess Of WendajaEight Days A Week Open GateMale09.04.17Free30.08.2018 Genomia
Clairvoyant Open GateBlanka MalinskáFlash Tally of Green BorderlineAnother Girl Open GateMale07.01.10
Free07.04.2017 Genomia
Delucapark HoneycombDeborah AtkinsonDelucapark Classic StormCumbeynd Sweet As PieFemale24.06.19
Free2019 Orivet
Dayre Chyme Of The DragonD P RoseWinpara Welcome To The JungleSyryne Spiryt Of The DragonFemale29.12.18Free11.03.2020 Orivet Australia
Dayre Mystique Of The DragonR&P Smyth & D RoseWinpara Soul DragonBorder light Aryel QuesteFemale05.11.18
Free11.03.2020 Orivet Australia
Due Parchi Pic Pokey Geronimo MathiesonKarolína VlčkováClan-Abby NZ Tartan PiperFairytale's Haidee PolitoffMale09.08.16
Free10.9.2018, Genomia, CZ
Diamond Rose vom SkuddenhofBarbara MeyerDenzel With Charme And ClevernessJezabel Vom SkuddenhofFemale21.02.12Free24.01.2019 Laboklin
Dumf and Galwy LiquoriceEva & Volker HampeDumf and Galwy GraffitiBekwey Dream on to Dumf and GalwyFemale01.06.15Free15.01.2019 Laboklin
Delightful Diamonds Believe In DreamsSandra FeitLegend of Braveheart Daiki Dakotas Dream of JapanXtravaganza from Carolyn's HomeMale20.02.17Free31.10.2018 Laboklin
Delightful Diamonds Amiable SunflowerSandra FeitRoyal's Here Comes The SunGentle Breeze from Borders ParadiseFemale01.07.16Free14.09.2018 Laboklin
Delightful Diamonds Atmospheric SundogSimone CliffRoyal's Here Comes The SunGentle Breeze from Borders ParadiseMale01.07.16Free22.08.2018 Laboklin
Devils Shepherd Bright DiamondTellu Päärnilä & Riikka KahilaTrucharm My Brillantino TaleHighland Breezes Diamond Nth DarkFemale28.05.12carrier17.08.2018 Laboklin
Devils Shepherd Biggest FlameTellu PäärniläTrucharm My Brillantino TaleHighland Breezes Diamond Nth DarkMale28.05.12Free 17.08.2018 Laboklin
Exquisite Taste SearcherMarcel AlteBlaze Red BuryAmber Wave DaenerysMale25.09.18Free12.02.20 MyDogDNA
Eyes of the world Rocco hello buona seraZoë ReekmansEyes of the world my special victoryEyes of the world oh black bettyMale28.03.18
Free08.10.2019 aG Genetics
Enonae Demi MerlotEwa WesolowskaOutburst Guinness World Records To LicasaEnonae C'est SayaMale17.04.17Free22.08.2019 Laboklin
Elaeth Ayashee Lynn's PassionAleksandra VlascicHotnote Good NewsShadow of Aire Never Say NeverFemale28.01.07Free18.12.2018 EVG
Erin of Clover MeadowBernd TrusnicBrownstone at Mystic PearlBlossom Garden's Fee-FeepFemale26.01.14Free30.08.2018 Slovgen
Enonae CeiroEwa WesołowskaSimaro First Golden TreasureEnonae AkashaMale29.01.14Free17.08.2018 Laboklin
Enonae C'est SayaEwa WesołowskaSimaro First Golden TreasureEnonae AkashaFemale29.01.14Free20.08.2018 Laboklin
Every Grain Of Sand Open GateBlanka MalinskáGingerbell Venerdi
Another Girl Open GateFemale20.11.12
Free07.04.2017 Genomia
Eight Days A Week Open GateBlanka MalinskáGingerbell VenerdiAnother Girl Open GateFemale20.11.12
Free07.04.2017 Genomia
Firehillborder NyreeMarie-Christine FelbermaierCwmberwyn HempFirehillborder DeidraFemale18.11.19Free10.03.2020 EVG
Freelin Dreams Leon Wilson
Melissa AdamRed Rittmeister vom SkuddenhofForever ZoëMale02.06.12Free30.11.2020 ???
From Her to Eternity of BordertreoweAleksandra Vlascic and Teodora PócsDream's Border ExtralargeAibitibi Quebec ThiwaheFemale05.11.14Free21.02.2019 EVG
Firehillborder DeidraMarie-Christine FelbermaierBordermania All Hell Breaks LooseBlazing Firehill of Shamrock FieldFemale07.04.12Free01.08.2018 EVG
Firehillborder FinnualaMarie-Christine FelbermaierRosmarinus Midnight SpellCheyenne Akela of Shamrock FieldFemale24.11.13Free01.08.2018 EVG
Firehillborder KayMarie-Christine FelbermaierQeltynn The JokerBlazing Firehill of Shamrock FieldFemale17.06.17Free27.07.2018 EVG
Firehillborder GrayMarie-Christine FelbermaierBordermania All Hell Breaks LooseBlazing Firehill of Shamrock FieldMale30.10.14Free01.08.2018 EVG
Guirmere About Tyme (ANKC)Deb KellyComebyanway Reddy Dhe StigGuirmere Nikki (ANKC)Female03.10.18Free29.03.2019 Orivet
Gracy vom SkuddenhofBarbara MeyerKayleigh's Sterling DreamlandJezabel Vom SkuddenhofFemale08.08.13Free22.01.2019 Laboklin
Gwyn Black Light AkirdaluChristina Volkmer -DettmarBorderton the SandmanAurora Polaris AkirdaluFemale01.09.17Free07.01.2019 Laboklin
Glaendale Cameron Gicela Schloß Borderline Country O’ Connor Glaendale Alabama’s Southern Belle Male09.10.17Free10.08.2018 Laboklin
Gentle Breeze From Borders Paradise Sandra Feit Dreamwood Ballymaloe Moulen Rouge From Borders Paradise Female05.10.13 carrier08/2018 Laboklin
Grace of Angel's Home Classic TouchMiriam SchöttgeJessomine Aussie MerlotBelinda III. Queen of EskalonyMale27.04.11Free08/08/2018 Laboklin
Hypedup Secret InfernoJessica MellonSarasota CraigArajoel I Am Fire N FlameFemale09.11.17Free19.03.2020 MyDogDNA
Heart of Gold von den TraumpfotenAnja EisfeldQuinora JJ von den TraumpfotenTiffany von den Traumpfoten of CleverlandFemale20.05.14Free09.01.2019 / ???
Highland Breezes Midnight FlameBianca MüllerWendevick Q-mii habibi DanteHighland Breezes Flame of FameFemale01.07.2019Free20.05.2020 / MyDogDNA
Highland Breezes Into th LightBianca MüllerNeecabe Say It Isnt SoHighland Breezes Flame of FameFemale14.04.16Free04.08.2018 Laboklin
Highland Breezes First CommentBrita SiebenLowlands of Lys KT DiamondHighland Breezes Blazing FlameMale28.09.13
Free22.08.2018 Laboklin
Ikona IV.Queen of EskalonyBarbara Meyer, Heinrich EhlersNice Of You To Come Bye Dingo DudeThalia III Queen Of EskalonyFemale19.02.13Free15.01.2019 Laboklin
Iluvatar Sings the World of BordertreoweMarie-Christine FelbermaierBreaking Waves By the LakeAstonishing Abracadabra of BordertreoweMale02.05.16carrier01.08.2018 EVG
Indiana Jones of BordertreoweAleksandra VlascicBreaking Waves By the LakeAstonishing Abracadabra of BordertreoweMale02.05.16
carrier18.12.2018 EVG
Ice van de WeimeniershoeveLuc SmeetsBryning Leap in the DarkDylle of Maranns HomeMale08.04.09
Free22.02.2018 EVG
It's Magic with charme and clevernessTina Kniese Quimby at Real Pearl
Bijou with charme and cleverness
Free03.08.2018 EVG
Jolly Roger ZejmanKrzysztof JanuszShot Of Love ColeenHappy Dream TennantMale22.07.16carrier30.01.2018 Laboklin
Klaudine Kiki HafkinsPavla ČížkováQuickstep Dancer z ČernobílýchGinger Geree HafkinsFemale07.10.14
Free13.08.2018 Vemodia
Keep my Heart Kuba von den TraumpfotenAnja EisfeldLtdeditionAmazing Arusha von den TraumpfotenMale11.03.16
Free21.08.2018 EVG
Langtry Diamonds Are ForeverSusan MorrisLangtry Monet Strapped ForcashLangtry Abby Back To AbbyFemale14.06.19Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langytry Money Strapped ForCashSusan MorrisKellagem show me the moneyLangtry Hermione GranjerMale18.03.18
Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Opal Dream ChocSusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal Tully
Langtry Crystal Opal
Male29.09.19Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Diamonds Pink BeautySusan MorrisLangtry Across The TasmanLangtry Crystal DiamondFemale17.09.19Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Crystal OpalSusan MorrisLangtry Across The TasmanLangtry Crystal DiamondFemale26.06.17Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Hermione GranjerSusan MorrisGrand Korella Krystal RewardAuldbrig Lillie LangtryFemale09.15.10Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry TRose Show GirlSusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry Hermione GranjerFemale04.10.18Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Christmas EditionSusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry Prof Mc GonnagalFemale30.10.16Carrier02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Across the TasmanSusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry jersey lilyMale10.05.14Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Abby back to AbbySusan MorrisLangtry Across The TasmanLangtry Hermione GranjerFemale30.07.15Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Crystal DiamondSusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry Emilie SkyeFemale29.10.15Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Star QualitySusan MorrisClan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry Hermione GranjerFemale11.08.14Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Money GirlsbestfriendSusan MorrisKellagem show me the moneyLangtry Hermione GranjerFemale18.03.18Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Langtry Trose HershieSusan Morris Clan-Abby Nz Royal TullyLangtry Hermione GranjerFemale04.10.18Free02.03.2020 Orivet
Love of Scotland Highland SpringMarie-Christine FelbermaierQeltynn The JokerMaccabee Love's In The AirFemale09.02.18Free10.03.2020 EVG
Love Of Scotland First Of AllMarta PatakiFlash N Thunder From Borders ParadiseLove Of Scotland EarleenFemale10.10.2016carrier14.08.2019 Laboklin
Love Of Scotland ImagineMarta PatakiBreaking Waves By The LakeLove Of Scotland First Of AllFemale24.06.2019carrier14.08.2019 Laboklin
Lucky Border's World of WondersCaren BockTik-Tak of AnimkiOklahoma Bay at Real PearlFemale18.7.15Free12.02.19 Laboklin
Lucky For You Gold Tamburine ManMia ÅbergSportingfield's New Reflection To Lucky For YouSportingfield's Golden GateMale24.11.12Free21.9 2018 Laboklin
Love at first sight of Rainbow LandscapeAndrea u. Peter Pump X-Cellent Choice from Borders ParadiseElite I. Lady of LasvegasFemale25.06.14Free13.08.2018 Laboklin
Lifesaver Of Rainbow LandscapeMartina GöbelX-Cellent Choice from Borders Paradise Elite I. Lady of LasvegasMale25.06.14Free27.07.2018 Laboklin
Listen to your heart of Rainbow Landscape Gicela SchloßX-Cellent Choice from Borders ParadiseElite I. Lady of Lasvegas Male25.06.14
Free10.08.2018 Laboklin
Maccabee Love's In The AirMarta PatakiSterling Switch To DutchMaccabee Funky LadyFemale20.10.2014Free14.08.2019 Laboklin
Monty-last-Order Numis ArcheAlexandra EhretThe Celtic Principal Blue LightningInka-Dark-Fire Numis ArcheMale04.10.13Free17.10.2018 EVG
Milo-Dark-Flash Numis ArcheBirgit NederThe Celtic Principal Blue LightningInka-Dark-Fire Numis ArcheMale04.10.13
Free10.10.2018 EVG
Mary‘s Height Amazing GraceSusanne FreisenhausenFurnace Hill‘s AivenDahlia Sfora z Krasnego BoruFemale28.04.12Free08.08.2018 Laboklin
Nymeria Naerys HafkinsPavla ČížkováZoran Foxy FoxGinger Geree HafkinsFemale15.03.17Free13.08.2018 Vemodia
Nania of Maranns HomeBarbara Meyer, Heinrich EhlersMarquee's Universal WonderLafern Of Maranns HomeFemale06.08.14Free15.01.2019 Laboklin
Never Ending Love With Charme And Cleverness Andrea u. Peter Pump Rosegarden Amigo Mojito Glamour Girl Vom Skuddenhof Female24.09.15 Free07/2018 Laboklin
Ozborda Tri Ario MagikEsme O'DriscollLoyalpaws Highland MagikBojak Abbey LaneMale11.03.18
Affected11.10.2019 / Orivet Genetic Pet Care Australia
Ophira with charme and clevernessChristina Volkmer- DettmarLucky for you Blue SkyfallGet Back at Real PearlFemale10.02.17Free14.08.2018 Laboklin
Open your Heart of Rainbow LandscapeJenny BaethgeBorderdreams Black Velvet von der Boeler-HeideLove at first Sight of Rainbow LandscapeMale18.06.16Free13.08.2018 Laboklin
Quango from Carolyn`s HomeMartina GöbelMadeleys CheckmateClan-Abby NZ Carolyns JadeMale29.10.04
carrier06.08.18 Laboklin
Question of Honour of Rainow Landscape Andrea u. Peter Pump Monty Soul Desire from Borders Paradise Hopeful Dreaming of Rainbow Landscape Male14.08.17 carrier07/2018 Laboklin
Rosalie vom SkuddenhofBarbara Meyer, Heinrich EhlersHandsome Boy Van't VlassenhoutDiamond Rose vom SkuddenhofFemale23.07.16Free21.01.2019 Laboklin
Read my Mind of Rainbow LandscapeHeike BiebrachCrazy Border's HeartbreakerNever Ending Love with Charme and ClevernessMale16.06.18Free10.12.2018 / ???
Some Kind of Magic of Incka's HillsLaure MeesenBORDER-FOLLIES Q Heart of GoldEyes of the World New Pink Star for ofinckashillsMale10.01.19Free29.12.2020 Van Haeringen polygen
Real Sweetheart of Rainbow Landscape Andrea u. Peter Pump Crazy Border’s Heartbreaker Never Ending Love With Charme And Cleverness Female16.06.18 carrier08/2018 Laboklin
Syryne Spiryt Of The DragonDP Rose & S FosseyWinpara Soul DragonSyryne Burning EmbersFemale05.11.16
Free11.03.2020 Orivet Australia
Speaking Borders SkyLJ SmeetsKemi MikeSpeaking Borders KateFemale26.11.18Free29.01.2019 EVG
Suri From Vertical LimitKlaudia PudlarzEver Bright of Maranns HomeDance with me DajaveraFemale29.08.13Free16.11.2017 EVG
Twist of Flames behind these hazel eyesFranziska und Dominic StauCruise of my heartEternal Flame with the spirit of the HawkFemale16.11.2016Free07.05.2020 MyDogDna
Taifun vom SkuddenhofBarbara MeyerYucatan's Devon Vom SkuddenhofGracy Vom SkuddenhofMale01.02.17Free22.01.2019 Laboklin
Tik-Tak of AnimkiCaren BockOutburst Hero at BorderclanPretty Woman O. von den 3 EichenMale09.03.11
Free28.08.18 Laboklin
Treasure of Life Be JolieBirgit BöcklQuickstep Dancer z ČernobílýchSuri mit dem HüteblickFemale13.05.16Free15.01.2018 EVG
Winpara Soul DragonD P Rose & R J EvansWinpara DragonfireDanari Dramas BananasMale21.07.06Free11.03.2020 Orivet Australia
Wolves Country Star Arusha the AdventuressBirgit DiederleyEyes of the World next golden Eye DiamondLillifee in blue-sable IV.Queen of EskalonyFemale31.10.15Free01.02.2019 Laboklin
Wolves Country Star Brendan the PrinceJeanine BorbeEyes of the World next golden Eye DiamondLillifee in blue-sable IV.Queen of EskalonyMale03.06.17Free22.01.2019 Laboklin
Wolves Country Star CheyenneBirgit,Marco,Mario DiederleyJupavia for Eyes of the WorldWolves Country Star ArushaFemale12.10.17Free08.08.2018 Laboklin
Xandro von den BuschchaotenHelene Wohak & Benedikt BeyerknechtAico Von Hamels HofDarling Jamba With Power And SpiritMale27.03.13Free05.01.2021 Slovgen Laboratory
Xtravaganza from Carolyn's HomeSandra FeitL-Starbucks from Carolyn's HomeMaori Magic from Carolyn's HomeFemale29.08.14Free08.10.2018 EVG
X-cellent Choice from Borders ParadiseMartina GöbelSimply The Best from Borders ParadiseIndian Summer from Borders ParadiseMale09.07.10Free27.07.2018 Laboklin
Yuki White Blaze vom Gerauer LandHeike WeberNice Of You To Come Bye Secret SwitchQuendy blue Spot vom Gerauer LandFemale27.03.12Free22.08.2018 Laboklin
Yannick von den drei KaiserbergenSilvia WisauerZecara´s Dive Into The SunDreams Come True JeffijaMale06.04.14carrier03.08.2018 EVG