Dog removed from the database on request!

Unfortunately we had to remove a formerly self-registered dog this evening at the request of the owner. 

For the veterinarian and owner, clinically conspicuously ill dog, no DNA test was submitted later. The owner also does not want to have any more tests done, because the dog has already produced offspring with the carrier and affected status, which is sufficient as proof. Also due to age the dog is no longer used for breeding.

Thus, unfortunately, there is not the possibility of the truthful entry on our database.

The owner confirms us in a correspondence, which he informs all *participants about the *suspicion (*because no DNA result is available. breeders and owners of the offspring)

For reasons of data protection law, we waive the naming of names at this point and ask you to refrain from inquiring about which person or animal is involved. Thank you

There is no question that we are very much affected by this. That an owner is afraid not to publish anything anymore should make us think and change something. For the love of healthy Border Collies.