Adding Data to the Database

The database will from now on be updated as soon as possible, at least weekly.

If your data is still not entered after 14 days, please contact us to check whether the system has received your data.

Daten Eintragen

Daten Eintragen

Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will update the Database with your details shortly.

Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will update the Database with your details shortly.

Name des Rüden oder der Hündin
Eigentümer (Vorname, Nachname)
Name des Vaters
Name der Mutter
Geburtsdatum (dd/mm/yy)
DNA Test Ergebnis Free ( Frei ) Carrier ( Träger) Affected ( Erkrankt )
Datum Testergebnis und Laboratorium ( Laboklin, EVG , AG usw. )
Voluntary consent to the publication of personal data

Declaration of consent under data protection law in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act/DSGVO

The Basic Data Protection Regulation will become binding for all EU Member States with effect from 25 May 2018. Article 5 of the DSGVO sets out the essential data protection principles to be taken into account from that date for all public and non-public bodies of the European Union.

Earmarking also continues to play an important role here. According to Article 5b DSGVO, personal data may only be collected for previously clearly defined and above all permissible purposes. Further processing may continue to be restricted to a specific purpose.

For the publication on the database raine-syndrom. de ,the following personal data is collected and processed:
(Email will NOT be published, and will only be used by the creator of the database as contact, e. g. in case of erroneous data. )
Dog name, sex and date of birth.
DNA Test Results For Raine Syndrome
Laboratory and date

I hereby agree that the data I have entered here may be published on the website www. raine-syndrom. de
You can revoke this consent at any time without stating a reason.
Furthermore, data collected and published can be corrected, deleted or their collection restricted as required.

consequences of disagreeing

The undersigned has the right not to agree to this declaration of consent - however, since our database is dependent on the collection and processing of the data mentioned, a non-agreement would exclude the use and publication of your dog on the database.